Acer Clinics Terms & Conditions of Registration

The following make up the terms and conditions of your registration under our dental
payment plan at Acer Dental Practice. It is recommended that you read them
carefully and keep them in a safe place so that you can refer to them in the future, should
you need to. Please remember, the agreement is with your dentist and cannot be transferred
to another practice or dentist. The direct debit you have in place to cover the cost of your
payment plan constitutes your agreement to the terms outlined herein.


Initial Term
The initial minimum term of your dental plan is 12 months. If you terminate your dental plan
before this period the practice reserves the right to recoup any appointment fees and any
discount received on treatment will need to be repaid to the practice.


Your dental plan includes

  • 2 Dental examinations per year (Basic & Maintenance Plan)
  • 2 Hygiene Visits per year (Basic Plan & Maintenance Plan)
  • 4 Hygiene Visits per year (Premium Plan & Maintenance Plus Plan)
  • Routine diagnostic x-rays usually taken two yearly
  • Discount off routine dental treatments
  • Global Dental A & E Assistance Scheme

Monthly Fee and Direct Debit collection
Your monthly plan fee will be collected by direct debit on the 1st of each month or shortly after.


Plan fee amendments
Your plan fee is subject to change at any time. The practice will endeavour to review plan
fees once per annum and should your plan fee change, you will be given advance notice by
either post or email.


Plan Cancellation
You may cancel your plan at any time outside of the initial term by informing the practice by
telephone or e-mail. The practice reserves the right to recoup any appointment fees and
discounts on treatment should you cancel during the minimum term of membership.


If we are unable to collect your regular plan fee for any reason we will contact you to collect
any outstanding fees which can be collected by direct debit or paid to the practice directly by
cash or card.


Any applicable refunds will be processed by the practice.


Failure to attend appointments
We kindly request that you give us at least 48 hours notice if you are unable to attend your
appointment. You are responsible for keeping appointments made with your dentist and/or
hygienist and you must pay any ‘missed appointment’ fee should you fail to give the required
notice. You must ensure that you also attend your dentist for regular examinations, receive
the treatment your dentist advises and you must promptly inform your dentist of any injury,
problem or other material matter affecting your oral health. Should you fail a routine
examination or hygiene appointment you may need to pay to be seen before your next
appointment included in your plan is due.


Please refer to the practices complaint procedure regarding any aspect of care or service
which has not met your satisfaction
Global Dental A & E Assistance Scheme:
Your dental plan includes access to a Global Dental Accident and Emergency Assistance
The Scheme is established to offer support to patients who request assistance or treatment
following an accident, a dental emergency, or who are diagnosed with mouth cancer.
Whilst the scheme aims to provide benefits in most cases, the scheme is a wholly
discretionary scheme, not an insurance scheme. It has no obligation to provide benefits and
the Scheme Manager will look at each request individually to decide whether or not to
provide benefits.
Further details are available from the practice or you can visit to find out more.


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